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Staff Training Event

The Guidance practitioners from our DigiGuide Community of Practice took part in a 3-day Learning Teaching and Training Activity LTTA between the 28th and 30th June 2022 in Larissa, Greece, hosted by our project partner Dimitra Education & Consulting.

This interactive training was a great opportunity to explore innovative tools for digital content creation in order to transform the case studies developed in the previous months of the project into innovative digital learning resources.

The first day of the meeting was an opportunity to share challenges and expectations on the digitalization process of the case studies undertaken since April and work together on the relevant tools and platforms. Participants had the opportunity to ask each other for help and hints on how to improve technical aspects of their digitalised case studies and it was such a productive session that they went over time with hard work from everyone!

Day two of the training was divided into two parts: in the first part, participants continued to work on digitalisation, while in the second part, they explored the Moodle platform that will host the digital learning content they created and exchanged ideas on the learning activities to be developed.

The last day of the LTTA was dedicated to a study visit to JOIST innovation park, a space that offers meeting and training rooms, offices, a co-working space, a fully equiped YouTube room, an exhibition space and much more to the city of Larissa, in order to boost innovation and knowledge transfer in the fields of entrepreneurship, technology, science, art, and design.

This 3-days training was an amazing opportunity to acquire and improve digital and content development skills and to strengthen the collaboration between the members of our Community of practice.

Stay tuned to find out what the final result of this intensive digitalization work will be!